Back To The Start

by The Delaneys

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How can you see it fit to feel free,
to tell me I've been offensive when I clearly haven't offended you,
And then how come,
Once that the deeds been done,
You tell me to do it again,
I won't do it again

Even an ending has a start,
And it's tearing us apart,
If I could go back to the start then you know how I would,
But it's just more shit to come

I saw an old man on the bus today,
I swear no-ones ever smiled at me that way,
He seemed so happy and content within himself,
I'm never gonna find commitment like that, (I tell you)
Not in this day and age

People are only lonely because they don't know the truth,
Come with me and I'll take you inside


released September 30, 2008
Written and Performed by: Watt, Hernandez, Milligan
Recorded and Produced by: Rab Reilly (Backrooms Studio, Dunfermline)



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The Delaneys Dunfermline, UK

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