by The Delaneys

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released February 6, 2011

All Tracks Written and Performed by: Watt, Hernandez, Milligan
All Tracks Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Rab Reilly



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The Delaneys Dunfermline, UK

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Track Name: Switzerland
As soon as I thought my head was healing,
I tend to get that sinking feeling again,
And we don't come up as quickly as we would like to pretend,
And when it goes away I feel better than I did yesterday,
And while we can we run and jump 'cause we know that it is not here to stay,

Don't take a second look, It's not just your bones she shook,
If you took a second glance, Do you think she'd change her stance? 'Cause I don't think so

Doesn't it strain not to know?

So boy you better watch your new shoes, so that you don't step into the muck,
Because you haven't been knocked out yet so your sure fire to be running out of luck

Don't be so naive, it's not like I'm struggling to breath,
So what, so what, I don't care what you believe
Track Name: Built For Speed
Take too much on the chin eventually your jaw will break, It's not my mistake,
Okay I admit maybe it was the first time round, But now it seems some sense I've found,
You've lost your faith in me, I only want to make you see that,

We were not built for speed, So lets take things slow,
And see how it goes,
'Cause if you're not the one I need, Then my cards are on the table, And they're yours to keep,

Talk about things that make us uncomfortable,
Let's talk about yours and ours,
What makes them so dysfunctional,
Come on baby let's bear our scars or,
Did it even happen that way or was I just too blind to see, Something going on right behind my back or something right in front of me