Black and White EP

by The Delaneys

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released November 5, 2008

Written and Performed by: Watt, Hernandez, Milligan
Recorded and Produced by: Rab Reilly (Backrooms Studio, Dunfermline)



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The Delaneys Dunfermline, UK

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Track Name: Black and White
Was it all that you expected?
It sure as hell wasn't quite what I expected.
And as you a chill went down my spine,
Because I knew there would not be a next time.

But now we've taken ourselves too far,
Went down the wrong road, went down the wrong way,
The fact of the matter is a chemical imbalance,
Keeping us apart, tearing me apart.

Everything used too be so Black and White,
Now I've never seen so many shades of grey
(Please get out of my way)
You whisper something in my ear that you know I can't hear, what’s that, have you got something to say?

At least now I know I wasn't in the wrong,
You could've told me all along, You should've told me all along,
The fact of the matter is a chemical imbalance,
Keeping us apart, tearing me apart.
Track Name: I'm Alright
I've had enough of this town,
peoples new taste in music seems profound,
it's exactly like mine was before,
except they go for bands I find mediocre,
so I shun them into the past,
this new music fad well it ain't gonna last,
but for all of those "ifs" "buts" and "maybes",
at the end of the day the sun still sets baby (so)

She asked me how I am, and I didn't reply but,
I'm Alright.
Said how about I buy you a drink?
I said I need time to think,
but that should be fine,
that should be Alright.

My life is like a house on a boat with a spouse and two children that never liked me,
but they'll say oh we love you we do,
I like the way your use of 1st, 2nd and 3rd person imagery,
I can't Imagine saying a thing you'd say in the way you say them.
Track Name: Joe Strummer
Those word that she said to me,
they still ring clear in my memory,
she said: why do you do that and what's the point?
I said to get high and fly far away from this place,
so I don't have to face the people who have,
made me as I am.

Giving me head on the unmade bed you said:
how come you hate me when I love you so much and how come you strain when you feel my touch?
I said: It's because you think you've got problems (oh, I wish I had your problems)
take mine and why don't you solve them.

I hope you realize that escapism is not advised when you want to tell it like it is,
and don't you try and tell me what it is that you think you see that I don't,
because you won't,
because I've seen it all before,
I've seen the stuff that you try to ignore.

So I hope that maybe you can see,
the difference between truth and belief,
because we live in hope and we live and die,
and I,
just hope that you can recognize somehow,
that we two are far too different now.